Deconstructing labour worker myths

Like something straight out of an Alcoholics Anonymous handbook, construction trades suppliers live by the mantra: You have to accept the things you cannot change, change the things you cannot accept and know the difference. So where to we begin?

Hi, our name is Telum and we have 35 years combined experience.

There are difficult and rewarding aspects to NSW contract labour. To be a part of the Telum team, you need drive, pragmatism and adaptability. The biggest criticism of commercial tradespeople is their seeming lack of formal structure and management. Quite the opposite. To make the cut as a Telum contract labourer, you require confidence, self-reliance and a belief in your own abilities.

From the outside it looks like a case of all care and no responsibility with construction trades suppliers being remunerated for each hour they work unlike their permanent employee peers. The truth lies in Telum’s team of construction workers – each who have strong time management skills and a willingness to see commitments through to the end.

Since NSW contract labour can be demanding and involves long hours and tight deadlines, Telum only employs those who are extra diligent, ensuring that their commercial tradespeople don’t overcommit, waste time or miss deadlines.

With many successful NSW contract labour projects under Telum’s belt, our team’s confidence grows with time management and record keeping becoming a staple trait to our work approach.

As highly regarded construction trades suppliers, Telum workers have built a willingness to adapt to change. After all, moving from contract to contract and client to client is part of the job description for commercial tradespeople. It’s all about change, so flexibility is a must.

Telum workers know how to embrace this. Distance becomes a sign of freedom as our workers leave behind office politics and the more banal aspects of regular, everyday employment.

Extensive experience on large-scale civil jobs has seen Telum workers bond over providing unfailing support to all clients within construction across Australia. Our 6,000 highly skilled candidates share a passion for meeting every challenge they’re presented with.

Do you have what it takes to become a member within the rock-solid culture Telum has built? If your knowledge and skills are in demand, and if your personality and work style are suited to contracting, being part of the Telum family is a rewarding and enjoyable career you won’t want to miss out on.