Telum is an attitude

Telum is an attitude

Telum’s success is not an accident. We didn’t simply “find” ourselves where we are today. It took years of planning, experience, learning, and an attitude that only the top few ever possess.

We subscribe to far more than the, “We’ll be there for our partners whenever they need us” attitude. While this indeed makes up a large part of who are as a company, any company can lay claim to responding to their clients’ needs. Our attitude goes far beyond that – what makes Telum a cut above the rest is our ability to foresee our client’s requirements, to plan for the un-plannable; to avoid the unavoidable.

In other words

There are two mindsets in commercial construction support – the one that ticks all the boxes: you name a box, and there will be a tick in it. These guys are great partners when things are running smoothly. The other mindset is the one we like to adhere to – it’s the one that also ticks every box, but has the capacity to react with professionalism and diligence in any situation. When situations emerge, and there’s no box to put it in, we’re just as quick to respond to any issue as though it were a box with a tick already in it. This is the attitude that means the difference between “client” and “partner”.

An educated guess is best defined as a guess value based on experience or theoretical knowledge. To us, this is part of who we are and what we do: a partner able to draw upon their vast experience to anticipate events long before they happen, taking appropriate courses of action to prevent issues where necessary, or to bring about their successful conclusion when required. We’re not magicians; there are some things nobody can see or avoid, but like clockwork we work to resolve everything.

This approach has led to potentially major industrial issues being avoided with no loss of man hours; to potentially very costly construction process issues being successfully circumvented, ones unforeseen by our partners. And when you’re talking scale, the kind of scale we’re working with on a daily basis, you’re talking tens of millions of dollars; dollars we’ve helped our partners save.

Support like this can only come through experience. Experience is paramount in civil and commercial projects, the likes of which Telum are active participants every day. We see the measure of success in a company not only of being able to learn from our successes, and there have been many, but also to learn even more from those times when we thought to ourselves, “We could have done this differently”.

Our management and core labour pool all have the gumption, the presence of mind, to be able to recognise what is best left alone, or changed for the better – that is why they work with us. We recognise in them what we recognise in ourselves as a company, and what our partners recognise in the Telum name – that’s why they’re with us. And we’re with you.