Building Is Go In Brisbane

 Work on Brisbane’s Infinity Tower is progressing to schedule, with the Meriton building expected to be completed by early 2014. When the project does finally wrap up, Infinity Tower will be the tallest building in Brisbane. At 249 metres, the Meriton building will eclipse the company’s Soleil building by 6 metres.

The flurry of construction in the Northern capital and, therefore, the increased demand for Brisbane contract labour, is a response to a new vision for the city. Major property developers have contributed significantly to the Brisbane construction recruitment sector over the past few years.

Towering skyscrapers, fewer cars on the roads and dense residential development along key transport corridors linking the city’s CBD with Brisbane’s suburbs are likely to become features of the city over the next twenty years. Extensive subtropical landscaping and the creation of major lifestyle hubs are also on the agenda.

The City Plan 2012 confirms the location of several areas of growth that are likely to be developed over the next twenty years. The Brisbane City Council wants an additional 156,000 dwellings to be built before 2031 in order to cope with a booming population, which is surely music to the ears of Brisbane labour hire firms. When you consider that Infinity Tower and Soleil, despite their imposing presence on the Brisbane CBD skyline, only account for 1010 of the 156,000 additional dwellings required, it becomes clear that those engaged in the Brisbane construction recruitment scene will be busy for years to come.

The identification of several growth ‘nodes’ also bodes well for the construction sector in Queensland. Leighton subsidiary, Thiess, was recently awarded a contract to build a new rail line in Brisbane’s north. The 12.6 kilometre line will connect suburbs in the Moreton Bay region with the existing rail line linking the city’s north. Funded by the state and federal governments, construction is expected to run to June 2016 and require the services of Brisbane contract labour companies.

On the urban front, construction on the Brisbane Riverwalk commenced last week. The walkway made headlines in 2011 when part of it broke off and was swept upstream towards the Gateway Bridge. The new bridge has been designed to last 100 years and survive the kind flood that wrecked its predecessor. Jointly funded by the city council and the state and federal governments, the new bridge is due to be completed by mid-2014 and will require the services of hundreds of construction professionals.

As a specialist construction recruitment company, we welcome the new Brisbane City Plan and look forward to working north of the border with our Queensland construction partners.