Current Employees

Welcome to Telum’s current employees page, here you can go to our internal intranet portal and view your time sheets or view our return to work program

Click here to log into our intranet portal

In the future we hope to have the ability for you to complete your timesheet online via this page.

Current employees FAQs

Question: Who do I send my timesheet to?
Please take a picture of your completed timesheet and email it to:

Question: What day should I send me timesheet to payroll?
Answer: Timesheets need to be emailed to payroll no later then 10am every Tuesday morning. If you send it after 10am Tuesday, you risk not getting paid on time

Question: Who is responsible for my timeseet?
Answer: You are the sole person responsible for your timesheet being sent to payroll on time each week

Question: Who should I contact if I have an injury or need to report a safety concern or incident?
Answer: If you have an injury you must report it to Telum immediately so we can ensure you receive the necessary treatment. Also please report safety concerns or incidents to Telum.

To report an injury, saftey concern or incident please call your Telum project manager or call our office via the below number:

Phone: 02 9809 5699
You can also email:

Question: Where can I get a new timesheet book?
Answer: Please email should you need new timesheets. Whenever possible please give us at least 1 weeks notice if you are starting to run low on timesheets so we can get them to you on time for your next pay day.