Telum’s Brisbane office has been building a strong relationship with the local Salvation Army Employment Plus branch. Through this relationship they have been able to find work for numerous people who have been finding it hard to secure employment. Our contact at The Salvation Army Employment Plus provided us some feedback on one of our employees and we just had to share this feel good story:

Samuel utilised the services of The Salvation Army Employment Plus late in 2022 after a period of low or no employment to gain greater opportunities through the networking relationships available.

He was able to tap into some available funding provided for transport and other pre-employment requirements to put his best foot forward when he was referred to the Telum Workmates team of Sarah and Tina for a potential role as a precast labourer at a precast facility in Wacol, QLD.

Samuel spent a couple of days completing all onboarding requirements with the support and resources of Employment Plus and started successfully with Telum in late January. Since starting Samuel has shown great dedication to the role and embraced the physical toll a labour role with large hours can take on the body. He is one of the fittest guys around and after a couple of pay checks managed to also buy himself an electric scooter.

Samuel has a new lease on life and always has a smile on his face and through the support of the amazing Telum Team of Sarah and Tina has been a success story setting the tone for more in the future.

If you are struggling to find work, feel free to reach out and speak with our experienced Recruitment Team.

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