As a company that specialises in civil construction and precast recruitment, our area of expertise is known for being a non-traditional industry for women. But over the last 18 months we have seen that more and more women are now starting to enter this industry. So, to celebrate International Women’s Day, this year we wanted to shine the light on one of the women that is thriving in this industry.

Jenie-Sylvia has been working with us since 2022 and in that time, she has not only had career growth but also personal growth. Below Jenie-Sylvia sits down with our Project Manager Alison Gardner for a chat & to offer advice to other women who might be thinking about entering the industry.

  1. What is your name & role?

    Jenie-Sylvia Aumua – Console Operator at the Eastern Creek Precast yard site.  My first role at Eastern Creek was on the precast line patching and I then moved to QA where we would assess the quality of each segment.  My latest role is on the job training to operate the console (engine room)

  2. Can you tell us about your career prior to joining the Telum team?

    I was previously employed as a customer service officer and my day consisted of responding to complaints and customer queries via phone, email, or face to face, very different from the role I am now in.

  3. The precast industry is traditionally male dominated. What made you choose a role in the precast industry?

    My sisters and I were encouraged by our Dad, who is also in the construction industry, and he said there are great opportunities as the industry is just starting to open for women.  I also wanted to try something new and be out of my comfort zone. I would never have earnt this money in the office role. It has given me self-confidence and made me realise what I am capable of. I have had personal growth too – overcome doubt in myself and realised it is ok to try new roles and industries and if it doesn’t work out that doesn’t mean I have failed, it is OK to fail.

  4. What do you enjoy most about working here?

    One of the things I enjoy most is the teamwork.  We all talk and support each other even though there are only a few females on site. I am currently enjoying the move to the console because I am learning and have new mental challenges each day. 

  5. What advice do you have for other women looking for work in the precast industry? Or in any non-traditional industries for women?

    The main lesson for me has been to try new things, take the chance and jump into new opportunities as you never know what doors could open.  We should stop comparing our knowledge to our male co-workers as we can all achieve and make our mark.

Whether you’re looking to make the jump, or maybe you’re only looking to take baby steps into a new industry. Our team will be happy to assist and answer any questions you might have – give us a call 02 9809 5699

Jenie-Sylvia Aumua at her console onsite.

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